European Lesbian Volleyball Tournament

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Hallo, hello, daag, salut, hola, hej and welcome to the internet site of the biggest, most famous European Lesbian Volleyball Tournament: the popular Easter Tournament!

This tournament was mentioned for the first time in the history books in 1989. Back then, it still took place in autumn, in Berlin. However, it wasnít as big and as international as it is today: The teams were mainly from Germany and the Netherlands, and they easily played in one gym.
Many years have passed since then and the tournament has grown continuously. It will be taking place for the 27th time in 2015. More than 70 teams and almost 600 players make the Easter Lesbian Tournament the biggest of its kind in Europe. Itís now one of the absolute highlights in every lesbian volleyball schedule (right?)! The reputation of the tournament has spread far and wide and teams from seventeen countries now take part: Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Iceland, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Denmark, Finland, Czechia, Austria, Slovenia, Russia, Poland, Germany and new lesbians join us every year.

Whatís unique about the tournament is that it has always been organized by committed volunteers in the city hosting the event. Year after year, and without an umbrella organisation or much commercial promotion, they have managed to organise an unforgettable lesbian sport experience.

By the way, did you know that the precursors of this tournament already took place in 1986 in the form of much smaller tournaments in Hamburg and Berlin? Some of you seasoned players may remember that it all began as a more or less private exchange between the gay/lesbian/feminist organizations Seitenwechsel/Berlin, Rrasant/Hamburg and Netzo/Amsterdam. Looking at it that way, the 2015 tournament in Brussels is actually celebrating its 30th anniversary  Ė unbelievable!!! So isnít it great that this wonderful idea still exists and this incredible event is still taking place and continuing to inspire all of us who take part!

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