Welcome to Poland in 2017!



The 29th European Lesbian Volleyball Tournament will be held in Wroclaw from 14th to 17th April 2017



We are pleased to invite you to participate in the biggest, the coolest and the best volleyball tournament in Europe! This time in Wroclaw! Welcome to the city of over hundred bridges, twelve islands and almost 300 dwarves!

Wroclaw, located in the Silesian Lowland, is the capital of the Dolnoslaskie Voivodeship. With a population of about 650.000 inhabitants it is the fourth largest city in Poland.

Wroclaw is a city of unique beauty and intersting varied history stretching back over a thousand years. For many years Wroclaw was a German city and this influence can be seen in the architecture throughout the city. In the past, it had also been a part of the Czech Republic and Austria.

The city is appreciated both by its inhabitants and visitors. The charming historical center, parks, good restaurants, hotels and friendly people make it a pleasant place to visit and to do business.

Official language is Polish but you can easily communicate also in English and German.


Reserve your time now! :)

See you in WrocLOVE!

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