1990 Berlin

  welcome to the 2. International Lesbian-Volleyball-Tournament  in Berlin! We are glad, that there are more teams out of Europe participating  in the games this year. For us it was more difficult to organize the tournament this time. Till now the government of Berlin is not willing to support us financially. We are still waiting for response. Berlin got hit by the dream of being  Capital and Olympiatown. It seems that the affairs from groups standing outside the “common” way of life won’t fit into this picture Berlin likes to represent. Because of this situation, for us it is very

1989 Berlin

Dear women!We’re very happy to welcome you to the first international lesbian volleyball tournament. We first thought of organizing this tournament when we played at this year’s gay/lesbian tournament in Cologne.There we noticed that, on the international level, lesbian teams connect almost exclusively at male homosexual sports events. We wanted to counter that by organizing a purely lesbian tournament. Also, we were dissapointed to see lesbian teams get eliminated very early because of the strength of the male teams. At the cities’ competition during this tournament, teams will therefore be eliminated only during the last round.Because it should be more