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1991 Amsterdam

Hello women!
Welcome to the Netzo-tournament in Amsterdam. The past few months we have worked very hard to make this tournament possible and we hope we will succeed in providing a good volleyball weekend.
The maximum number of teams that can take part in this tournament is 33. Regrettably, because more teams applied, we had to disappoint some women. It does mean, however, that in this weekend we will play volleyball with about 250 lesbians. That is even a larger number of volleyball players than at the Gay Games in Vancouver last year.
Half of the teams are from the Netherlands, and the other half from Germany, France and Belgium. We have done our utmost to contact teams from other countries as well, but did not succeed. We hope that on a next tournament we can also greet volleyball playing lesbians from England, Finland, Hungary and Spain!
Last autumn in Berlin a Netzo team managed to snatch away the challenge trophy, made by German women. Since then it has been standing in the women’s pub Saarein in Amsterdam. The trophy is now dusted and polished and we wonder who will take it home this year. But above all we wish you a great tournament!

The organization:
The names of these Lady are not released here. We want to save privacy. (webmistress)


Program 1991

Friday 17 May
20.00 – 24.00    Registration for the tournament (in COC Amsterdam, Rozenstraat 14)

Saturday 18 May
09.30 – 10.00    Final registration (in Sporthallen Zuid) for the teams arriving on Saturday
Distribution of the game schedules
10.00    Opening of the tournament
10.05 – 13.00    Warm-up
Mixed games
13.00 – 14.00    Taking a break and picture taking time
14.00 – 18.00    Competition
19.00 – 21.00    Dinner
21.00 – 02.00    Let’s party!

Sunday 19 May
11.00 – 17.00    The games continue
17.00 – 18.00    The finals
18.00    Distribution of the prizes
Closing the tournament


Participants and levels (33 teams)

Level A City
Birget Engles Freiburg/Germany
Immerhin 1 Berlin/Germany
Lautstark Berlin/Germany
Netzo 1 Amsterdam/Holland
Netzo 2 Amsterdam/Holland
Nouvelle Hamburg/Germany
Pinksterren Amsterdam/Holland
Volldabey 1 Berlin/Germany
Volldabey 2 Berlin/Germany
Level B City
Amazonen München/Germany
Contre Pied Paris/France
De Janssens Holland
Els Catry Borgerhout/Belgium
Franeker Girls Arnhem/Holland
Immerhin 2 Berlin/Germany
Kassel Kassel/Germany
Netzo 3 Amsterdam/Holland
Rosa Zorra 1 Köln/Germany
RRasant 1 Hamburg/Germany
RRasant 2 Hamburg/Germany
Schoppenvrouw Utrecht/Holland
The Ladies Haarlem/Holland
Zoz(o)o Amsterdam/Holland
Level C City
Anders Heelsum/Holland
Artemis Sport Frankfurt/Germany
De Verhuizers Amsterdam/Holland
Gewoon Lekker Ballen Amsterdam/Holland
GTST Amsterdam/Holland
Gulli ok? Den Bosch/Holland
Hamburg Spontan Hamburg/Germany
Netzo 4 Amsterdam/Holland
Plop Goes/Holland
Rosa Zorra 2 Köln/Germany