2010 Groningen

Welcome to Groningen! Gay and lesbian sports club GOUD is happy and proud to host the next European Lesbian Volleyball Tournament (EULEVOTO). The tournament will take place in Groningen, The Netherlands from April 2nd – 5th 2010. Of course the annual EULEVOTO Easter weekend by itself is ample of reason to visit Groningen, but this lively city in the north of the Netherlands has much more to offer! Groningen Groningen is the bustling capitol city of a province also going by the name Groningen. With 185.000 inhabitants, it is the eighth largest city in the Netherlands. About 25% of inhabitants

2009 Brussels

Greetings from the organization team of the European Lesbian Volleyball Easter Tournament 2009!!! Dear participants of the Easter Volleyball Tournament 2009 A big thank you to each of you for coming to Brussels, engaging in an excellent display of volleyball, and being part of an unforgettable atmosphere! It was a true pleasure to welcome you all here and we hope that you have taken as much enjoyment and as many beautiful memories from the weekend as we did! See you next year in Groningen! Sincerely The BGS girls   Latest News – April 6th 2009 Dear participants, In less than

2008 Vienna

VIENNA 2008 Marantana hosted the international ‘European Lesbian Volleyball Tournament (Eulevoto)’ from 21st to 24th March 2008 in Vienna. It has been a great pleasure – thanks again to all players, helpers and organisers! Level A 1. Elbperlen 2. Netzo 1 3. Colonian Warmonists 4. BGS Poulettes 5. Baba Jaga 6. French Kiss 7. Die wahren Amazonen 8. Dynamo Dykes Won 9. Lila Funken 10. Tulips of Amsterdam Level A+ 1. Elbperlen 2. Netzo 1 3. BGS Poulettes 4. Tulips of Amsterdam Level A- 1. Colonian Warmonists 2. Baba Jaga 3. French Kiss 4. Die wahren Amazonen 5. Dynamo Dykes Won

2007 Reykjavík

ICELAND 2007 The 19th European Lesbian Volleyball Tournament will be held in Reykjavik Iceland from April 6 to 8, Easter 2007. Schedule Friday April 6: Welcoming party 18:00-24:00 Saturday April 7: Tournament 9:00-16:00 Saturday April 7: Blue lagoon trip 16:00-21:00 Sunday April 8: Tournament – mixed teams 10:00-15:00 Sunday April 8: End of tournament dinner and party 19:00- Monday April 9: Whale watching tour Welcoming party Friday April 6, between 18:00-24:00. You will get the tournament brochure, pass, map of Reykjavík and bus map. Hopefully you will meet your hosts or get directions on how to go to the place where

2006 Hamburg

City information Of course we all think that our own city is the most beautiful of all, but in our case, this pride is very widespread. Easter 2006 you will have the chance to form your own opinion of Hamburg! You’ll find tips and sightseeing suggestions on this site based on personal preferences – Hamburg offers so much that this selective view was necessary. Like all big cities, Hamburg also has its own very informative Websites where you can find the kind of information that we have perhaps neglected: www.hamburg-tourismus.de www.hamburg.de Information about the queer community in Hamburg: Queer im

2005 Leuven

Participants and levels (51 Teams) LEVEL A+ CITY BGS – Poutelles Brussels/Belgium Colonian Warmonists Köln/Germany Netzo 1 Amsterdam/Netherlands Roze Duivels Kruishoutem/Belgium Salt & Lemon Düsseldorf/Germany LEVEL A- CITY Baba Jaka Berlin/Germany Cinderellas Köln/Germany Contrepied 1 – Bonobelles Paris/France Lemon Chicks Zürich/Switzerland Lila Funken Köln/Germany LEVEL B+ CITY And The Winner is… Amsterdam/Netherlands Die Wahren Amazonen München/Germany Dom-Elfen Köln/Germany Dynamo Dykes London/United Kingdom Goud 2 Groning/Netherlands Queerpass Dresden/Germany Annemie Köln/Germany Blue Hamburg/Germany Contrepied 2 – Gazelles Paris/France Het Legerdar. Netzo 2 Amsterdam/Netherlands Nimm Du Hamburg/Germany Rrasant Hamburg/Germany LEVEL B- CITY Brisant – Dom Elfen Hamburg – Köln /Germany Eisprung Karlsruhe/Germany Happ

2004 Amsterdam

Participants and levels (76 Teams) LEVEL A CITY BSG A (A+) Bruxelles/Belgium Baba Jaga Berlin/Germany Colonian Warmonists Köln/Germany Network 1 Berlin/Germany Netzo Express Amsterdam/Netherlands Hoppekee de poppekee (A+) various/Netherlands Block Chixxx Hamburg/Germany Lila Funken Köln/Germany Superpuppen Düsseldorf/Germany Komfjoesjen Leuven/Belgium Salt & Lemon (A+) Düsseldorf/Germany Cinderellas Bonn/Germany Misch Masch various/Germany Marantana A Wien/Austria LEVELB+ CITY 4711 Köln/Germany Nimm Du 2 Hamburg/Germany Wilde Mischung Berlin/Germany Dynamo Dykes Won London/United Kingdom Netzo Bunnies Amsterdam/Netherlands Brisant Hamburg/Germany Queerpass Dresden/Germany Contrepied 3 Paris/France Bernadettes Bern/Switzerland Mixed Individuals various/Netherlands, Belgium, Taiwan, Germany Hard-boiled Amsterdam/Netherlands Dom-Elfen Köln/Germany Rrasant Hamburg/Germany Contrepied 2 Paris/France Ladygrooves 1 Leuven/Belgium Lemon Chicks

2003 London

Participants and levels (43 Teams) LEVEL A COUNTRY Misch Masch Germany Dutsch Dream Team Netherlands Netzo Netherlands BSG Belgium     LEVEL AB COUNTRY Die Waren Amazonen Germany Pas-Vite Belgium Kom‘ Fjoesjen Belgium Salt & Lemon Germany Melburne Spiekers Australia !!! The Lady Grooves 3 Belgium Marantana AB Austria Weiberkram Germany Baba Jaga Germany Colonian Warmonists Germany Cinderellas Germany Guzeler Girls Netherlands     LEVEL B COUNTRY Wilde Mischung Germany Marantana B Austria Happ-ich Germany Rrasant Germany Netzo Drietjes Netherlands Sprunghaft Germany Xanthippe Germany Contrepied 1 France Die Echten Amazonen Germany immerhin Germany Fit All Netherlands Contrepied 2 France Nimm

2002 Paris

participants and levels (48 Teams) LEVEL AB Baba Jaga BSG Colonian Warmonists Dutch Dream Team Dynamo Dykes I Marantana AB Misch Masch Netzo I Netzo goes Sydney New Girls on the Block Salt + Lemon Weiberkram   LEVEL B+ Amsterdam Chicas Brisant De Pipetten I Die wahren Amazonen Dynamo Dykes II Immerhin Lady Volleykillers Lila Funken Netzo II Nimm Du PAS-VITE Rrasant   LEVELB Annemie Baby Jagy Die Echten Amazonen Domelfen Eisprung rechts Fit all Happ-ich Lotte Nielsen Marantana B Nettie Rottier Poldermodels Umwerfend White Sox Xanthippe   LEVEL C Barbie Killer Courage team Magdeburg De Pipetten II Décalage I

2001 Barcelona

Participants and levels (44 Teams) LEVEL A CITY BGS Belgium Colonian Warmonists Germany Netzo 1 Netherlands Dutch Dream Team Netherlands Dynamo Dykes United Kingdom Misch Masch Germany Baba Jaga Germany Poco Loco Netherlands     LEVEL AB CITY Lila Funken Germany Contrepied 1 France Marantana AB Austria New Girls on the Block Germany De Pipetten Belgium Sprunghaft Germany Pas-Vite Belgium Weiberkram Germany Salt & Lemon Germany     LEVEL B CITY Annemie Germany Kopenhagen Mermaids Danmark Dynamo Dykes United Kingdom Lemon Chicks Switzerland Nimm Du Germany Netzo 2 Netherlands Dom-Elfen SC Janus Germany Contrepied 2 France Net Even Anders Netherlands